My Christmas Dance Recital!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I had a Christmas dance recital!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it. But one part I did not like.  So, Your supposed to be there at 4:30.  But people like to get there early to get ready and stuff.  But they let you in at exactly 4:30.  And I did not have a jacket so I was frrrrrrrrrrrrrrezing!  Then we FINALLY get inside.  Our tap dance is first so I got on the costume. Me and my friend Catlin call ourselves the head elf’s because were in the in the front row, we both have cardboard cards, there is only four elf’s and others are presents also were the only elf’s with gingerbread socks.  So we did our dance and came back and next was ballet.  Our costume is pretty.  It is a white tank top with lace on the top and a beautiful fake flower and a flowy black skirt.  We did our second dance and came back.  Last is jazz.  My jazz costume is my least favorite.  PS the jazz costume makes you sweat A LOT.  So, the jazz costume is a winter head band with holly and a flower and there is also a scarf.  Some people have red or green.  I have red. we did our dance and the finally then we went home.TapCreative Commons License tibbygirl viaDJT_0643 Dave Thomas via CompfightDSC_2367_ppCreative Commons License Walter via Compfight

Polar exprees

I am at my grandma’s house.  Every year my cousins and me come to my grandma’s house and we decorate ginger bread  with icing and candy.  And probably an hour after we watch polar express.  And while we watch it we eat and drink hot coca with marshmallows,cinabun ice cream and our ginger breads that we decorated.  We also get our Christmas pajamas, I love mine this year.  The pants are white with silver hearts.  And the shirt is light blue with an ice skating pond and there is a girl that is ice skating on the pond.  My grandma got me this kind of pajamas because I love ice skating and I do it.  I haven’t done it yet.  But I can’t wait.Hogwarts Express Michelle Friswell via Compfight